MasterImage Information

High quality imaging is our business. Our unique, patented process allows us to print photographic images on metal, plastics and a variety of other rigid surfaces. Our clients tell us that our process helps them to differentiate their products. Please click on our condensed Power Point Overview to learn more about the company and heat transfer printing.

The MasterImage print process and our standard and custom products offer you both quality and affordability:

  • Superior Resolution: 200 lines or 400-1200 DPI.
  • Single Pass Operation: Multiple colors cost the same as one.
  • Short runs or Long runs: 1 – 100,000 of a kind.
  • One-time Artwork charge.
  • No set-up fees for repeat runs.
  • Just-in-time printing for staged shipments.
  • Formability through third-party experts for bending, shaping, & embossing.
  • Environmentally safe process.
  • Surfaces are washable: Remove dust, dirt or graffiti with soap and water.

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